We encourage you to compare Exam and Exam Pro Software with other competitors both price wise and feature wise.

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Have a look at the following comparison table between Exam/Exam Pro and other competitors in the market. 

Feature Exam/Exam Pro Other Competitors 
Price Exam: $145
Exam Pro: $2495
$200, $250, $300, $500
$3000, $3500, $4000, $5000
User friendly graphical interface Yes Yes
Question Types:    
Multiple choice single answer Yes Yes
Multiple choice multiple answers Yes Yes
Fill In The Blanks Yes (up to 6 blanks) Yes (only 1 blank)
True or False Yes Yes
Yes or No Yes  Yes
Essay Type Answer Yes No
Marking pattern, time allocation, timer features:    
Can each question have different marking pattern and time allocation Yes No
Ability to use fixed timing and marking pattern Yes No
Negative marking facility Yes No
Exam Timer Yes Yes
Question Timer Yes No
Graphics, audio and video support:    
Can add graphics to the question Yes No
Can add audio to the question Yes No
Can add video to the question Yes No
Can add explanation to the question Yes No
Navigational features:    
Mark for review Yes Yes
Search capability Yes No
Display of graphics, audio and video Yes No
Spell check functionality Yes No
Security Features:    
Two levels of password protection i.e. General Password and Administrator Password Yes No
"Usage Restriction" feature to administer the tests remotely with high security. Yes No
Bulk Utilities:    
Print utility to print the question paper as per user's requirement. Yes  No
Merge utility to merge the questions quickly from different files. Yes No
Import utility to import the data from flat text files into native format. Yes No
Record Keeping:    
Score Report Yes Yes
Topic wise score report Yes No
Student's Answer Sheet facility Yes No
Password protection for Student's Answer Sheet. Yes No
Can examiner evaluate essay type descriptive answers and give marks. Yes No
Can examiner add remarks for each question in Student's Answer Sheet. Yes No
Remote Test Administration:    
Can examiner email the question paper to candidate and administer the tests remotely Yes, using "Usage Restriction" feature you can administer the tests remotely and securely. No
Email notification Yes No
Multiple Language Support:    
Can examiner create questions in any language. Yes, you can create questions in any language. No
Network Support:    
Can examiner put the question bank on the server and conduct the examination on multiple computers simultaneously connected to the server. Yes No
Dependency on other database products: Writes the data in .exm file. No need of any third party database product to store the data. Writes the data in third party database product.
Packaging Capability: Yes. Exam Pro has packaging capabilities. The package wizard packages all your tests and creates an executable program. Your packaged tests are completely yours. There is absolutely no mention of Exam Pro in your package. The packages are totally customizable. Packaging available but not as easy to use and powerful as Exam Pro
Royalty Free Distribution Rights: Yes. Exam Pro provides royalty free distribution rights. This means you can sell your packaged tests or install your packaged tests on unlimited number of computers. No

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