No language barrier. Create test/exam/quiz/survey in any language with audio/video and graphics.

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You can create questions using Question Designer. Exam supports following six question types: 
1. Multiple choice single answer
2. Multiple choice multiple answers
3. Fill in the blanks (up to 6 blanks)
4. True or False
5. Yes or No
6. Essay type descriptive answer (in which student can type their Essay type descriptive answer and examiner can evaluate it later.)

You can set points (marks), negative marking and time for each question, so each question can have different marks, negative marking percentage and time allocation. You can add image/audio/video to the question. Exam Software supports all popular image and audio/video formats.

Usage Restriction: 
If you set the "Usage Restriction" and click "Generate Security Key" button, then a unique Security Key is generated. The "Usage Restricted" file can be opened in "Exam Mode" only for specified number of times, which enables you to administer the tests remotely and securely. If user tries to open the file more than the specified limit then an error will be returned about the expired security key.

Fixed Exam Time:
You can set "Fixed Exam Time" which overrides the time allocation per question.

Set Question Timer:
If you set the Question Timer ON, then the display of the question in Exam Mode will time out if the question is not answered within the time allocated for the question.

Set Exam Timer:
If you set the Exam Timer ON, then the question paper will be closed once the total time allocated is over.

In "Study Cards" you can see answer and explanation. You can search the questions and save the searched questions into the another exam (.exm) file. If you select the existing exam (.exm) file then searched questions will be appended to that file. If you select a file that is not existing, then program will create the file and set the passwords (general and administrator) as of the current file which is open.

When you click the "Start" button, you will be prompted to 'Enter your Name or ID Number', e.g. if you entered "myname" in the input box, then Exam software creates '' file (where mm-dd-yy-hhmm is the time stamp) which is password protected. The password of .sas file is the Administrator Password of the exam (.exm) file.

Exam Mode is fully functional, free from trial version restrictions, which facilitates you to administer the Test/Exam without having your student/candidate purchase Exam Software. They can download FREE trial version from and take the Test/Exam and send you back the Student's Answer Sheet (.sas) file.

Student's Answer Sheet provides you student's complete behavior at the time of examination. You can see what were the student's answers, how much time he/she took for each question.

You can evaluate Essay Type Answers and give marks (points) to them. Once evaluated you cannot evaluate Essay Type Answers again, this prevents unauthorized modifications to exam records.

Exam Pro provides you royalty free distribution rights. This means you can sell your packaged tests or install your packaged tests on unlimited number of computers. The package wizard packages all your tests and creates an executable program. Your packaged tests are completely yours. There is absolutely no mention of Exam Pro in your package. The packages are totally customizable by you where you can set startup image, company logo image, background image, background color, fonts and style and many other attributes.

You can print the score report.

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